Psychology is the study of the mind and behaviour. It attempts to answer the fundamental question, “Why do people behave the way they do?” Psychologists approach this in different ways, they might take a cognitive, biological, behavioural or social approach. This course introduces a selection of major psychological theories and research. Contrasting theories will be critically discussed, analysed and evaluated, giving an insight into human behaviour and providing a range of perspectives, experiments and case studies through which it can be considered.

The course content is below –
1. Paper 1: Introductory Topics – Social Influence; Memory; Attachment; Psychopathology
2. Paper 2: Psychology in Context – Approaches in Psychology; Biopsychology; Research Methods
3. Paper 3: Issue in Psychology – Gender; Schizophrenia; Forensic Psychology


Qualification: GCE A Level, AQA, 7181/7182

Entry requirements: Red pathway

Assessment: 100% External Examinations.

Progression Route: University, apprenticeship or employment in range of areas including psychology, the social sciences and law.

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