During your studies of Physics at MCA6, you will have the opportunity to develop your knowledge and understanding of traditional physics and begin to study the two key ideas concerning physics research at the moment. Astrophysics deals with the Physics of the universe, how it was formed, how it developed and continues to operate. This includes unsolved issues like the existence of Dark Matter, the nature of Black holes and the concept of Einstein’s Spacetime nature of the Universe. Contrasting this is the relatively new area of Quantum physics, the study of particles and their unpredictable behaviour. This involves understanding how the LHC at CERN discovers new particles including the Higgs Boson and how these particles make up all of the matter that

You will also study topics including; Materials (Fluids and Solids under stress), Light and Waves (Including Wave particle duality), Nuclear and Particle Physics (Standard Model, Particle accelerators and radioactive decay), Thermodynamics (Thermal Energy and Ideal gases) and Oscillations including Simple Harmonic Motion and Resonance.


Qualification: Edexcel A Level Physics

Entry requirements: Red pathway

Assessment: 100% examination plus practical assessments

Progression Route: University, apprenticeship or employment in maths, engineering or the sciences.

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