Media Studies offers students the chance to investigate the media and its place in the modern world. It combines academic rigour and creativity.

Students will be asked to view the media through a theoretical framework. They will need to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the contexts of media and the influence of them on media products and processes. For example students would be asked to consider the role of changing ideas about representations and identity in society and the impact that has on the media. Students will also need to analyse media texts including websites, TV and social media. They will analyse and compare how media products construct and communicate meanings through the interaction of media language and audience response. Furthermore students will be required to debate key questions relating to the social, cultural, political and economic role of the media through discursive writing. The course will also require students to create media products for a specific audience.

The course offers students the opportunity to learn how to use media technology and then to utilise these skills when they create their own media products.


Qualification: A Level AQA

Entry requirements: Red pathway

Assessment: 70 % Exam, 30 % Coursework

Progression Route: University, apprenticeship or employment in media, film or the creative industries.

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