Why Study Chemistry? The answer is simple – Chemistry underpins everything in our modern lifestyle. For example it is Chemistry that enables us to convert crude oil into petrol, plastics and fibres. Chemistry invented Nylon, Terylene and Lycra. It makes vital medicines, creates fertilisers, purifies water and monitors our seas and atmosphere for pollutants.

The range of careers available to someone with a Chemistry qualification is greater than with most other qualifications. The chemical and pharmaceutical industries are two of the largest employers in the manufacturing industries. Chemists are also employed in related areas such as Biotechnology and Electronics.

Chemistry, can lead to many other disciplines; many employers recognise the value of skills developed in this subject, such as logical thought, numerical and communication skills and the general education that a Chemistry course provides.


Qualification: AQA A level Chemistry

Entry requirements: Red pathway

Assessment: Three final exam papers

Progression Route: University, apprenticeship or employment in science, medicine, veterinary, healthcare or laboratory based work.

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